Asset Protection Planning

We assist our clients with planning to protect their assets on a number of levels, with a variety of different methods. Depending on your level of need, type of assets you own, specific risk factors, and level of protection desired, we can develop a plan that will meet your needs.

After consulting with you to determine the level of asset protection planning that is appropriate, we will help you create a plan that will consider some of the following methods:1260843_protect_your_money

  • discretionary trust(s) to protect assets passing to your beneficiaries from the claims of a divorcing spouse, creditor, or predator
  • levels of insurance coverage
  • prenuptial agreements
  • asset segregation
  • business entity choice
  • choice of business entity jurisdiction
  • asset protection trust

Let us put our knowledge and expertise to use to help you create a comprehensive, layered plan that will protect your assets while you are alive and after you are gone. To find out which strategies may be right for you, contact us for a consultation meeting.