Estate Planning for Non-Traditional Families

Laws affecting LGBT couples and other non-traditional families are rapidly changing. Our office is experienced and qualified in helping to deal with the myriad of issues that affect such families. While estate planning is important for every family and individual, regardless of the level of income or amount of assets, it is of particular importance for gay and lesbian and other non-traditional families. Under Michigan law, inheritance rights are not guaranteed to non-married partners or their children. Non-married partners also do not have the legal right to make healthcare decisions for each other, or to ensure that specific funeral instructions or after-death requests are honored. Likewise, parental rights to children do not automatically pass to non-married partners.1023799_crayons

Our firm maintains a special focus on providing comprehensive estate planning to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and other non-traditional families. We have extensive experience in meeting the unique needs of our clients and helping them establish plans that clearly set forth their wishes in a manner that the courts will uphold.

We can assist you in planning in important areas, including:

  • making practical  decisions about living together
  • buying property together
  • having and raising children
  • incapacity planning, including making medical decisions for one another and taking care of each other’s finances
  • making funeral arrangements for each other
  • providing for each other upon death

If you have questions, please contact us for a consultation. Let us use our experience and expertise to help you establish a comprehensive plan.